Veterinary information on Parvo Virus in a dog

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Canine Parvo Virus

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Facts you should know about Parvovirus:

              1.  Contagious to dogs only - not cats or people.

              2.  Signs include vomiting, fever, and bloody diarrhea with a very foul odor.

              3.  The virus sometimes may attack the HEART muscle causing “myocarditis” (inflammation). This may occur for up to 3-6 weeks after apparent recovery from the intestinal form of the disease. 

       This “heart” form is ALWAYS FATAL!

              4.  The YOUNGER the dog, the GREATER the chance it will NOT recover.

              5.  Dogs that recover from parvovirus are often weak, making them even more susceptible to other diseases, such as DISTEMPER.

              6.  The virus is transmitted through the FECES of an infected dog.  It can be carried on dog’s hair and feet as well as live on contaminated rugs, bedding, shoes, and other objects.

              7.  The most effective disinfectant is 4 oz. Clorox in l gallon of water.

              8.  Dogs that recover from parvovirus continue to spread the virus in the feces for a month or longer.  (Carriers)

              9.  Dogs remain HIGHLY SUSCEPTIBLE to Parvovirus until 2 WEEKS after the LAST injection of the initial puppy immunization series.

            10.  Death from parvovirus result from:

                        (a)  Dehydration.

                        (b)  Overwhelming bacterial infection resulting from the pet’s lowered resistance.

                        (c)  Blood loss from internal hemorrhage.

                        (d)  Heart attack from invasion of the heart muscle by the virus.

            11.  Treatment is aimed at maintaining the normal body composition and preventing secondary bacterial infection.  We have NO CURE for any animal virus, just as there is NO CURE for any human virus.

            12.  The body normally is about 80% water.  Life is NOT possible when 12-15 % of the normal body fluids are lost.  With parvovirus, the pet often quickly becomes “dehydrated”  from the vomiting, diarrhea, and inability to consume fluids.  This is the reason fluid therapy is so important in Parvovirus Therapy.


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